Journal 02. Travel diary #2


Taking a leap into the unknown is always our best option. Getting out of our comfort zone offers us experiences we never thought we would live. Each of our travels represents a leap into the unknown. A leap that brings us closer to the essence of our project DEYI 德逸.

Follow the adventures of our second trip.


Yesterday was Christmas Day. Each year, the festive season is a particularly joyful moment of the year. This  is particularly the case this year. We feel like we are no longer the same person, many things have changed : we are on our way of global personal fulfillment. Everything went so fast this year. It is already December 2019, the year in which Pauline, Zhang Xing and I met, the year in which we decided to leave our comfort zone, defend our ideals and our dreams. On this December 26, after a stressful end of the year to finalize the last details of our first fashion collection, we are leaving for Beijing. We will organize the Yuanfen collection, before its official launch during Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid. This year ends and opens new doors for us. We now have the keys to build DEYI 德 逸 together. Thank you.

Paimuo Village, Guizhou province, China

For this second investigation trip, the research scope was more limited. Before Pauline and I arrived, Zhang Xing had managed to build a network of collaborators on site. This time, we were going to be able to work directly hand in hand with local minority artisans who had agreed to collaborate with us on this project.

The first 5 days after our arrival, we worked on Beijing. We had to do several shootings as well as finalize the purchase of certain materials for the presentation of the collection during the catwalk. Without a doubt, we had an extraordinary experience in an emblematic place of the country: the Great Wall of China.

Shooting on the Great Wall of China

Our DEYI 德逸 project aims to transmit values, ideals, a global perception of the world inspired by traditional Chinese lifestyle. To illustrate this idea, we decided to make one of our promotional videos in places full of history, a story which encourages us to continue the development of our initiative.

The essential part of this trip was the finalization of a series of exceptional pieces for our collection. We went to the south of China, to Guizhou province, more specifically to Danzhai. There, we developed all our activities in the workshop of Yang Er Bao Lang and Wang Fangzhou. These young entrepreneurs from the Miao minority have the same objective as us: the preservation of traditional textile crafts.

Several neighboring villages in the region, including Jijia Village and Jianhe Village, provide us the different fabrics thanks to their family cotton plantations. In the past, local artisans wove these fabrics on their traditional loom. At that time, the global family life was developed around these skills transmitted from generation to generation.

The indigo and batik workshop in Danzhai

Our working days were intense, long and eventful; not only because of the amount of work we had to finish to be ready for our catwalk, but also because of linguistic misunderstandings. Also, due to cultural differences, collaboration was sometimes complicated and challenging, each party had to be adaptable. But, little by little, we all managed to find our marks.

The indigo and batik workshop in Danzhai

On January 7, we still have several clothing to make in Spain. There, we realize the entire design and production process. It will surely be a difficult month, but it worth it. We come back to Europe nourished by extraordinary experiences, knowledge and encounters who believed in us and in our project.

Madrid is waiting for us and we will do our best to live up to the expectations. 

Dialogue between Pauline and the Miao artisans in Danzhai workshop

Adriana, fashion designer DEYI 德逸

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