Wang FangZhou 


Miao Batik artisan (Danzhai, Guizhou)

Wang Fangzhou is a batik artisan born is a small Miao village in the county of Danzhai, Guizhou. Since his early childhood, he has always loved painting and calligraphy. As a child, he observed his mother everyday dyeing clothes with a beautiful and deep blue. When his mother told him that this color came from indigo leaves offered by the natural world and that it can also cure skin diseases, he thought it was pure magic.
After working for several years far away from his village to earn money, Wang Fangzhou felt missing his destiny. He decided to go back to his hometown to help the local community to make a living from traditional dyeing process by founding a cooperative of batik and indigo dyeing. It has been a great success.

Our encounter with Wang Fangzhou was a happy coincidence. His daily commitment to participate in the preservation of his cultural heritage, despite the several difficulties, convinced us to collaborate with his workshop.