All DEYI 德逸 LIVING products are made from natural materials with an environmentally friendly approach. They are naturally dyed, so, like natural elements, they may fade over time. Far from being a defect, this natural process will reveal a new beauty of the garment, reflecting our lives. Indeed, the color that fades over time reminds us of the wrinkles of our grandmothers, who testify to the wisdom they acquired throughout their lives. If you prefer to keep the color intensity longer, dry cleaning is recommended.


DEYI 德逸 LIVING clothes can be easily ironed. They can withstand high temperatures and steam. 


The washing process, throughout the life of a textile product, is one of the most polluting process, wasting tons of water. So, with DEYI 德逸 LIVING, we want to appeal to the responsibility of consumers by asking them not to over-wash clothes, because they don’t need it… And when you do, dry cleaning with environmentally friendly products will be more than enough. 


In the culture of the Miao and Dong, the ethnic groups of the artisans who work with us, the washing of clothes is very limited. These people take great care of their garments, which are a testimony of their cultural identity. They consider that clothes acquire more beauty over the years when the fabric is imbued with the marks of time.