Yang Er Bao Lang


Miao Batik artisan (Danzhai, Guizhou)

Yang Er Bao Lang is a batik artisan born in a small Miao village in the county of Danzhai, Guizhou. She is very inspiring for her uncommon destiny. As a child, she was living in a very poor family. Her parents did not have the privilege to buy the tools and the wax required to let her practice the traditional batik dyeing technique. Thus, she practiced traditional patterns with a piece of wood on the ground.
After getting married, she settled in a big city, with only her one-month child, to get rid of poverty. Illiterate and speaking only her dialect, she faced many difficulties in urban areas but she never gave up her dream : to bring money back to her hometown to create her own batik workshop. She achieved her dream in 2016 and helped thus many of her local friends to make a living from their crafts.

Yang Er Bao Lang has been recently appointed on the list of female craftsmen on the Chinese national cultural heritage list. It gives us great pride to be able to build a long-term collaboration with a such ambitious and passionate woman.