DEYI 德逸 is an original name designed with two meaningful Chinese characters 德 Dé and 逸 Yì. Each of them has a long history and a profound symbolism. Those characters put together perfectly reflect our studio spirit.


This ancient Chinese glyph “德 De” has more than 3000 years of history. It means now “Ethics, virtue, morality”. It is a very important Chinese character which embodies Chinese philosophy. The left-part of the character represents the idea of “movement”, “change”. The upper-right part, looking like a cross, represents a wooden tool used in ancient China that humans stick into the ground in order to find out what time it is, with the shadow of the sun. The middle-part is a huge eye. The underpart represents a heart with its veins. This character has a profound symbolic : it represents a human who is admiring the movement of the Sun with his heart, with his pure soul (the big eye above the heart means “looking at something carefully and respectfully with no judgment”). The movement of the Sun by extent represents the movement of the whole Nature.


Without the Sun there is no life, no humanity. We would not be able to see the magic of our world. According to Chinese Culture, we need to learn from Nature and its energies. The Sun embodies the Yang energy which is complementary with the Yin one. This character invites us to admire and respect the Nature and also the humanity which belongs to it. In Confucianism, the “德De” has also a profound meaning. It means “integrity” and “sense of dignity”. According to Confucius, it is the most important quality a human being should have. A human needs first to learn from Nature and respect human dignity and then transmit his moral value to other, to live in peace.


“This logo embodies the values of DEYI 德逸. We learn from nature and other cultures, respect this world without judgment and aim – through all our ethical projects – to transmit our values to a large community. We wish to aware people that news sustainable ways of living are possible in order to live in harmony with nature, other people and also oneself.”

This second ancient glyph “逸 Yi”represents a hare which is running very quickly. Originally it meant “running fast”. The meaning of the character has evolved through history. One of its several meanings now is : escaping from the common world, from it trivialities and superfluous. This concept is sometimes assumed incorrectly has “being reclusive”. It does not signify living as a hermit but quite the opposite. It means leaving mindfully at the nearest of the essence of life, in harmony with the environment and oneself, which may lead to step back from the drifts of society. With the “逸 Yi” lifestyle, people give meanings to their daily-life actions and looking forwards the future. It is a constant quest for knowledge, freedom of thought and spiritual elevation. This way of living is perfectly illustrated by the lives of ancient Chinese literati.


Some of them decided to escape from “the dusty world” to settle in wild landscapes because they dit not recognized themselves in the society. Everyday, these scholars were thus living a simple and elegant life connected to the natural world. All the natural elements were a profound source of artistic inspiration for them, but also a way to go further to their search of the meaning of life. Chinese scholars were expected to master many arts : calligraphy, painting, floral arrangement and also the guqin, a traditional Chinese zither. Their days were also punctuated by the degustation of wild teas. Furthermore, Chinese scholars used to meet during “雅集YAJI” – conservational gatherings taking place in nature – in order to share their feelings and thoughts about culture and arts. 


“Through DEYI 德逸, we are committed to share the “逸YI” Art of living, intimately linked with the spirit of the ancient Chinese literati world. We believe in a mindful lifestyle close to nature and the essence of life, nurtured by the arts. Through several workshop experiences, inspired by these literati gatherings, we aim to create an aware and creative community that share our values”.