DEYI 德逸 is an intercultural project developed by its three founders who share a sincere passion for traditional Chinese culture and arts, but also the conviction to change our consumption patterns based on the principles of ethical design.

Adriana Cagigas Gil, a sustainable fashion designer from Spain has teamed up with Pauline Ferrières, a young French creative entrepreneur, and Zhang Xing, a Chinese space designer. The three founders wanted to join forces to propose a new model of sustainable living, inspired by Chinese philosophy and traditions.

Those three profiles are very complementary for the good development of the projet. Adriana creates DEYI’s contemporary designs using the traditional fabrics of Chinese indigenous communities in Guizhou, while Pauline is in charge of the international development of the brand. Zhang Xing coordinates the textile production in China, ensuring the exceptional quality of materials and the well-being of the artisans.