Journal 03. First fittings – First catwalk


1 / 02 / 20

This day has finally come. 

10:30 Fittings DEYI 德逸.

Backstage 10.

January was a particularly difficult month, but here we are. The first fittings of the collection were a dream that had been repeating in our heads for several weeks, a dream and not an illusion. Today marks the much-heard launch of the collection and the end of all those weeks of hard work where we had to overcome new obstacles every day. However, these difficulties seem far away now. We’ve made it! Every arrival is always a reason to be satisfied. 

Stylist : Adriana Cagigas, Models : @models_mbfwmadrid, Photographer : @trivialityisdeath, Scenography : @elnietoelgrave, Accessories : @mocong_accessories

Every fitting day in the fashion world is punctuated by an endless number of tasks to be completed before the coveted fashion show. Our fittings were no exception to the rule. All these images from behind the scenes show you how we experienced all these intense and moving moments. Everything that until then had been just lines and letters on a piece of paper had become a reality.

Backstage, Adriana with the models

2 / 02 / 20

D Day

14:30 Catwalk DEYI 德逸

Each fashion shows makes us feel various or even conflicting emotions in a short moment. It’s an indescribable feeling.

YUANFEN fashion project is the first initiative developed within DEYI 德逸. This collection embodies the birth of the brand. As Chinese art and philosophy are the roots of DEYI 德逸, we draw our inspiration from this culture to transmit our ideals, just like the name of the collection, Yuanfen. 

Yuanfen is a Chinese concept that refers to serendipity, to the lucky destiny. It represents those invisible threads that connect us to others, or that wise force that traces our paths and allows us to achieve our full potential. Every step of the development of our project results from our destiny and exceptional human encounters. We couldn’t find a better concept to illustrate the birth of the brand. This destiny brought the three of us together – from China, Spain and France. It also connected us with all the people we collaborate with today. In our next articles, you will have the opportunity to discover the story of these inspiring women and men from all over China. Don’t miss our next articles to discover these unique stories. 

Pauline, Zhang Xing, Adriana, Hailan

Our encounter with Hailan was also one of the fruits of our special destiny. This painter from Hangzhou gave a performance during our fashion show. It was a unique moment, out-of-time. We really appreciate collaborating with Hailan as she embodies our world view. We are eternally grateful to her, especially for being one of our ambassadors in the world of Chinese art. 

The entire scenography of the catwalk was also meticulously thought out and highly symbolic. We will talk about that in another article. We invite you to watch the full video of our show. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.   

DEYI 德逸 fashion show

We would like to express our warmest thanks to the organizers, staff and models of this edition of Mercedez-Benz Fashion-Week in Madrid. Many thanks to Cuplé brand for the shoes and Christina @mocong_accessories for the jewelry.

Thank you so much also to the photographer Mario @trivialityisdeath and its assistant @elnietoelgrave for the scenography. It was a pleasure to work with you.

We are very thankful to the talented dressmakers Paola, Angel, Magali, Idabel and Maria Jose.

Our great thanks go also to Sergio, Astrid, Adriana’s family, Amélie and the students of ESI Valladolid for their precious help. Nothing would have been possible without you. 

Last, but not least, we are deeply thankful to all the artisans and inspiring people we met along our path in China, they changed our lives. They believed in us and gave us strength and hope to create DEYI 德逸  and build a better future together.

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