Zhang Xing is the space designer of DEYI 德逸. Through his conception of ethical design, he aims to help people to live in better conditions and closer to nature. In his work, he often collaborates with contemporary artists. His first aspiration through design is to inspire people and let them question themselves about the life essence and our current world issues.


“Designers must love life and pay attention to culture and art. I like working with musicians, visual artists and fashion designers, from whom I can deeply learn from the accomplishments they have made in their respective fields. In my personal design, I deliberately create an environment in which everybody has a role to play, because in everyone’s heart there is a desire to express oneself.”


Zhang Xing is passionate about traditional Chinese culture and art, and dreams to share his knowledge abroad. He defines himself as a “charen”, word-for-word translation would be “tea human-being”. He is deeply inspired by tea philosophy. Zhang Xing is also diligently learning Buddhist philosophy which offers him new spiritual perspectives that he would like to spread through his work. Zhang Xing often does not recognize himself in the contemporary world, with the advent of mass consumption and money.


He is convinced that we can learn a lot from alternative world views and ancient traditions. With DEYI 德逸, Zhang Xing aspires to use his twenty-five years of experience as a designer to develop cross-cultural projects that have a real social impact around the world. He aspires now to preserve Chinese indigenous communities crafts through his design