Pauline Ferrières is the project developer of DEYI 德逸. She is a creative entrepreneur passionate about Chinese philosophy and contemporary art. She works as an artist manager and cultural project developer in Europe and China. She supports contemporary visual artists in curating exhibits or artistic projects. Experiencing the Chinese work environment, Pauline has strengthened her subtle understanding of Chinese cultural habits. Above all, thanks to the teaching of her Chinese masters, she had the opportunity to study ancient Chinese culture. She has a detailed knowledge in tea philosophy and calligraphy.

Furthermore, with her high-level education in Cultural Management in France and in the USA, she has developed strong skills in project management and business development. Pauline aims to bring her knowledge in initiatives that reflect her values, permit to promote Chinese culture abroad and enhance international collaborations. She aspires to make people aware of the richness of cultural diversity.

Pauline also feels very concerned about social and environmental issues in our current world and believes in a new way of living, closer to nature and the essence of life. Through the different projects she is committed to, she aims to increase global consciousness about these issues.

« Sustainability is not an option for the future, it has become an obligation. The pandemic we are experiencing is putting forward the evidence that we need to design a new model to live in harmony with nature. I strongly believe in the power of slow designers and artists to bring innovative approaches to build a new paradigm together. » Pauline