DEYI 德逸 works with several artisans from Guizhou, one of the poorest provinces in China. This region is known to be the cradle of several indigenous communities: Miao, Yao, Dong, Gejia… These people have a unique and very ancient textile culture : pleated fabric, indigo dyeing, wax-resist printing, handwoven pattern fabrics, embroideries among others. This unique cultural heritage in the globe is threatened to disappear in the near future. Our main mission is to collaborate with local artisans to preserve their traditional crafts.


Our project is built in opposition to the growing phenomenon of cultural appropriation in the fashion industry. On the one hand, we use the traditional garments and techniques of indigenous communities for our contemporary designs, on the other hand, we empower local communities, in particular women artisans, to become the main actors of their social and economic development. We offer them a living wage and aspire to build a long-term collaboration with them. 


Purchasing DEYI 德逸 clothing demonstrates a willingness to preserve the craft’s cultural heritage and contribute to the empowerment of woman artisans in rural China.