DEYI 德逸 is a new sustainable lifestyle brand, inspired by the Chinese philosophy and sense of beauty. It proposes a global art of living that studies traditions to give new perspectives for a better future, in harmony with nature and people.

Our brand aspires to preserve the craft’s cultural heritage in rural China through a contemporary and ethical approach. Our motto is “All we need is timeless handcrafts design”. We work hand in hand with artisans from indigenous communities in Guizhou, China. We create contemporary and innovative outfits using their exceptional traditional fabrics and techniques. DEYI 德逸 aspires to empower local communities to contribute to their social and economic development.

We also want to give a new regard on “MADE IN CHINA” items by promoting the expertise and traditional know-hows of our artisans. In the long term, DEYI 德逸 envisions to raise social and environmental awareness among consumers and build a community committed to preserving our global cultural heritage and the natural environment.