DEYI 德逸 LIVING products are made with care and love. All the materials we use are natural and handmade in several villages of the Guizhou province in China, where we work in close collaboration with several local craftsmen that you can discover here.


We aspire to preserve the textile heritage of Guizhou’s minorities through ethical and contemporary design. 


We make our exceptional pieces in Spain, in two workshops located between Valladolid and Madrid. This once Zhang Xing, one of our founders, has carefully selected the materials that our craftsmen make for us. 


Our main mission is to create timeless products that fit into the circular economy and increase global awareness of our need to preserve the natural environment and our cultural heritage. 


As soon as you buy a DEYI 德逸LIVING item, we are committed to limiting its harmful impact on the environment. Thus, we offer our customers a free repair service with the aim of extending the life cycle of the item.