One of the most exceptional techniques we can enjoy thanks to our craftsmen is without any doubt cotton pleating. The fabric is handwoven and then naturally dyed with the indigo plant. Then our craftswomen make tiny pleats of the fabric along a wooden barrel. Once the pleated fabric encircles the barrel, it is subjected to strong tension through ropes that hold it in place and keep it firm for several months. Then, in proper time, the fabric is unrolled and shows its unique pleats.


We invite you to watch the following video. You can see how Pan Xiaomei unrolls the pleated skirt that her great-grandmother made with the same meticulous gestures as previous generations. This was one of the most moving moments we have experienced so far. It has been more than 20 years since Pan Xiaomei enrolled this skirt, which is only used for marriage ceremonies. We were really privileged.