YANG YI (杨怡)

Dong entrepreneur (Rongjiang,Guizhou)

Yang Yi lives in a Dong village in Rongjiang County, Guizhou. This young woman entrepreneur is very involved in preserving the traditional cotton yarn weaving and indigo dyeing of the Dong minority. Her passion for weaving was passed on to her by her ancestors. Yang Yi is always very moved when she sees her grandmother of almost ninety years old who handles the yarn with a dexterity always exemplary.
Like many women of her generation, Yang Yi settled for a few years in big cities, dreaming for a more comfortable life, but this did not make her happy. Weaving being a family affair, she decided to take over the family business to continue the commercialization of the exceptional Dong fabrics in decline. In 2010, she founded her own cooperative with about twenty weavers.

Our meeting with Yang Yi was the fruit of destiny. We are very happy to participate in the prosperity of her cooperative. Many of our exceptional fabrics are made by her weavers.