Pan Yuhua (潘玉华)
Miao handmade paper designer (Shiqiao, Guizhou)

Pan Yuhua is a handmade paper artisan from the Miao minority working in Shiqiao village, in Guizhou province. This artisan shares the Miao tradition of handmade paper all around the globe with passion. It is when he is alone making paper in his atelier that he feels the most alive. 


Pan Yuhua likes to say that he has a singular destiny with paper. Indeed, paper making is a family history for him. He learned this ancestral technique with his grandfather as a young child. Paper making is a way to communicate with his ancestors.


Still fascinating by the infinite possibilities offered by the fibers of paper, Yuhua designs several artefacts with paper: lamps, books, accessories… He is in perpetual quest for innovative approaches.


Working with Pan Yuhua to produce our packaging and labels made of paper was an evidence for us.