Pan XIAOMEI (潘小梅)

Miao embroiDer (Tianhe, Guizhou)

Pan Xiaomei is an embroiderer from the Miao minority living in Tianhe village, in Guizhou province. She collects exceptional fabrics made decades ago, in particular her ancestors pleated skirts and wedding costumes with delicate embroideries. She keeps these clothes as real treasures, and rightly so. Her attic houses some very rare garments that would be the envy of the greatest museums of primitive art in Occident.


Xiaomei feels very emotional looking at these clothes telling the story of her family. They are the fruit of several years of women’s work and a testimony of the rich cultural heritage of her community.


Pan Xiaomei incarnates the kindness of the Miao minority, this warm-hearted people who welcomed us with open arms to make us discover their culture. She is our privileged collaborator to collect the exceptional pleated fabrics of Miao people to make revive this age-old art.